Paid Time Off Donation

What is PTO Donation?

At its discretion, TASC allows employees to donate PTO hours for use by other full-time or part-time employees on account of absences due to certain personal or family emergencies. Such donations may occur when the PTO donation recipient experiences one or more of the following events:

  • A catastrophic medical illness or emergency affecting the recipient employee or the recipient employee’s spouse, domestic partner, child or parent that requires a prolonged absence from work, including intermittent absences related to the same condition that would result in a substantial loss of income because the employee had exhausted all other paid leave options, and/or
  • A catastrophic hardship (such as injury, significant loss of property) to an employee or to an employee’s family member (as "family member" is defined in the Bereavement Leave policy in HR-M1) due to a major disaster as declared by the President of the United States

This PTO Donation provision shall not be used to provide leave to an employee who has a common illness or medical condition (including, for example, normal pregnancies), or who has an illness or injury covered by a TASC-paid disability policy or worker's compensation.

Employees who wish to donate PTO will donate to a PTO Donation pool that will be available to other employees in need who meet the guidelines of this policy. The donation shall be made pursuant to the donation procedure outlined below and the policy included in the TASC Employee Manual. Unused hours donated on account of another employee’s medical emergency shall not be returned to the donor.

How do I request a PTO donation?

If an employee is in need of donated PTO due to the qualifying circumstances, s/he should inform their manager and complete form HR-F145 PTO Donation Recipient Request Form. TASC Corporate Benefits is responsible for reviewing PTO donation requests to ensure that the request follows Company policy. Final decisions on eligibility and distribution of donated leave time rest with Human Resources and shall not be subject to the TASC Dispute Resolution Program or other appeal procedure.

TASC PTO Donation FAQs

PTO Donation Forms Found Here (Need to be logged into TASC network via KeyFob to access)


For questions about PTO donation send an email to Coporate Benefits.